Suprascapular nerve radiofrequency


It is used to treat chronic pain in the shoulder area.

The technique would be applied after testing the effectiveness of a previous diagnostic block with local anaesthesia and corticoids, either ultrasound guided or through neurostimulation.

Therefore, the nerve that conducts the painful sensitivity of the shoulder and the anatomical structures that are inserted into it is blocked with local anaesthesia.

In case of effective blockage, radiofrequency would be performed on the nerve to extend the duration of the analgesic effect.


The patient should be seated, and this technique is performed after disinfecting the area of the shoulder which is going to be treated under local anaesthesia in the puncture site.

A special needle connected to a radiofrequency generator, allows us to confirm the location of the nerve. Small muscle contractions let us know when we are in the area close to the nerve.

The generator produces radiofrequency waves with heat, blocking the painful conduction of the nerve in the long term. The needle is placed in the back of the shoulder, over the shoulder blade. The procedure takes 15 minutes approximately.

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Suprascapular nerve radiofrequency

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