Radiofrequency of lumbar and/or thoracic facets


It involves the insertion of special needles, attached to a radio frequency generator, which produce heat in the tissues near the tip of the electrode, which will produce coagulation of the nerve endings of small joints of the lumbar spine and / or thoracic (facets).


To treat mechanic pain in the lumbar and/or thoracic region, caused when the spine moves. In these cases, the nerves that go from the spine to the extremities are intact, without any injury.


This is a not very painful technique, but a little uncomfortable. Radioscopy (X-rays) is used to locate the puncture site, as well as a stimulation test using the tip of the needle to corroborate that it is the problematic nerve that causes the pain and to make sure that the position and treatment are in the correct location. A venous line (a serum) is usually channelled and local anaesthesia and light sedation are used to make the procedure more comfortable. The patient will remain on the table lying on your stomach.

After treatment, a local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication are administered.

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Radiofrequency of lumbar and/or thoracic facets

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